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Let me switch gears here for a second and talk about women in STEM. They need to love atoms and quantum entanglement and bridges and nuclear reactors!Despite throwing every incentive their way, the percentage of women in STEM fields hasn’t budged that much over 20 years, with one big exception: medicine, both veterinary and human. Women love science when they can use it to take care of puppies, kittens and babies. All this taking care of living creatures stuff must end!A while ago I wrote an article for the Examiner demonstrating that when calculated on a per service basis, women doctors actually make more from Medicaid payments than men.Women earn dramatically less than men because they see fewer patients and offer fewer services, but per service, they actually make slightly more.She would be competing with many other women for him.Why choose her over a younger, hotter, and less-threatening woman?One thing that never ceases to amaze me in medical school is the quality of my friends.

You might be thinking it is easy for medical students to find people to date. Easy because even before they finish their degree course they seems to have a sparkling future.That places significant strain on any relationship involving an American medical student. Kogler are going to move in together and get engaged, she wants their financial arrangements to be clear and fair.But how do you define fair when you’re bringing a quarter of a million dollars in debt to a relationship? It’s an issue that’s rarely discussed, yet frequently encountered by medical students.A female doctor cannot offer: When looking from a guy’s point of view, a female doctor is not exactly the best catch.Even if the female doctor was willing to forgo hypergamy and marry down, she may have to try very hard to finding someone.Many guys do not want their girls to make more money than them.


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