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He's paying ,333 a month in child support, plus all other expenses including summer camp, private school and college. The couple married in 1997 and briefly separated in 2008.

David filed the documents, citing an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. David and Tea have joint legal custody of their 2 kids -- ages 15 and 12 -- and she has primary physical custody. so shuttling back and forth won't be too complicated.

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The pair, who have two children, speak almost daily.He was working on the set of Californication and couldn’t keep his fingers out of that proverbial cookie jar.His cheating followed by a stint in a facility for sex addiction were well documented but apparently David wasn’t the only one cheating. 1st print edition of GLOBE Magazine Tea was not only having a fling with then-costar Billy Bob Thornton, but she ditched her kids to follow his band across the country!Ultimately they split and reconciled twice in the last six years before deciding that it really wasn’t going to work.Somehow David managed to fly below the radar way back in June and file for divorce.The sordid love triangle between David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, and Gillian Anderson has always piqued the interest of the media over the years.


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