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But now, Rachael Bailey, who runs the pageant, has removed Ms Latto’s title and is set to crown another beauty queen, Daisy Bell, the winner after seeing video footage she claims proves Ms Latto is not living as a woman full time.The video, which was taken as part of a documentary about the pageant to be screened online by BBC Three next month, reportedly shows Ms Latto relaxing at home wearing a pair of boxer shorts and working out at the gym in a T-shirt and shorts.Mc Inally, who has moved back to his native Dundee area with his fiancee who is standing by him and had their second child nine months ago, had sentence deferred until November 9 for background reports and his name placed on the Sex Offender's Register.Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser told the court that the girl had difficulties with Higher Modern Studies and he had assisted her during a free period.Underwear is very important to transgender females – one of the first thing people do is change their underwear as it makes us feel like we are finally a woman.”She added: “When I confronted her, she just said that I didn’t have a leg to stand on and it is difficult.It is basically one transgender person saying to another ‘You’re not transgender enough to be in our competition’.It also reportedly shows Jai working out at the gym in a T-shirt and shorts.It was taken as part of a BBC Three documentary called Miss Transgender to be shown next month.

Mr Fraser said that just before the Christmas holidays he gave her a Christmas card which contained his e-mail address in case she needed help and two quotations from The Great Gatsby which was one of her favourite books - one of which had "connotations." He explained: "She contacted him by the email provided.

THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES HISTORY OF PEEBLESSHIRE. The next book concerning the shire, was a General View of the Agriculture of tlie County of Peebles, by the Rev. ' Their habit was white, with a red and blue cross patee upon their scapular. 53 The abbey of Aberbrothock, as is seen by its charter-book, possessed some property in Peebles, including a hostilagium for the temporary residence of persons connected with that monastic establishment. Improvements in the country parts of Tweeddale during the thirteenth century kept pace with those in the burgh.

H I STO RY OF PEEBL ESSH IRE BY WILLIAM CHAMBERS OF GLENORMISTON F. Charles Findlater, minister of Newlands, issued in 1802. later, a man of enlarged views and genial temperament, has presented an interesting account of rural progress until his own day, but necessarily abstains from matters of an historical character. Their general chapter was held yearly at Whitsunday, ' in octavis Penticostes.' At the Reformation, there were thirteen establishments of Red or Trinity Friars in Scotland. The following is a translation of the charter on the subject : ' Be it known to all faithful Christian men, wherever the present writing shall be seen or heard, that we, Brother Bernard, by divine permission Abbot of Aberbrothoc and the convent in that place, and of express con- sent of our whole chapter, have given, granted, and by our present charter have confirmed, to William called Maceon, burgess of Peebles, and his heirs, our whole land that we have in the town of Peebles, lying between the land of John of the Lake, on the south, on the one part, and the land of John Williamson, on the north, on the other part, that Laurence de Wedayl held of us, and that the same Laurence before, in worthy faith, by stick and staff, rendered up to us, and all right and claim that he had in the said land, or in any manner might have, for himself and his heirs resigning it entirely for ever ; to hold and have the said William and his heirs in free burgage of us and our successors, with all its advantages, easements, and just pertinents : Saving to us and our successors the right to hold our Court of Regality and other sentences on the said land, when we wish to hold them; the said William and his heirs paying henceforth to us and our successors two silver shillings yearly at the feast of the Holy Trinity, and finding honest lodging, each according to his degree, with his own family, for the Abbot of Aberbrothoc for the time, and his monks, novices, and clerks, bailiffs, and attorneys coming on the business and cause of the monastery, as often as they arrive ; a hall, with a table, trestles, and other furniture, where they can becom- ingly eat ; a spence with a buttery, one or more sleeping-chambers, a decent kitchen, and a stable for their horses ; also, on the coming of the foresaid persons, to find sufficient fuel, as well in the hall and the chamber as in the kitchen ; white candles of tallow, commonly called Paris candles ; straw or rushes for the hall and chamber ; and salt for the table : Moreover, when the messengers or runners of the abbey shall come to the dwelling, they are to be admitted without gainsaying, and the same William and his heirs are not to detain them, but to be at cost, nevertheless, for their food : Also, the said William or his heirs shall, in no manner, sell, mortgage, or alienate the foresaid land and hostilagium, or give them up to any other person, unless with consent of the said abbot and convent for the time being : In testimony whereof, the common seal of our chapter, with one consent, we have caused to be put to the present charter. In the year 1317.'' 1 Registrant Vetus de Aberbrothoc (Bannatyne Club Book), p. Mills, malt-kilns, and brew-houses were established ; horticulture, through the knowledge of the foreign educated clergy, made considerable progress ; the comforts and tastes of the people were advanced ; and with settled peace, the powers of rural production, as well as of trade, were largely increased.

IH A D long entertained a wish to write a history of my native county, but the obligations of a busy life, independently of other reasons, postponed the under- taking until, after an absence of six -and -thirty years, I returned to dwell amidst scenes, of which I had treasured up some recollections and traditions. 1 The shattered remains of the Cross Church, or, as it was sometimes called, the Church of the Holy Rude of Peebles, will come under notice in our description of the town ; mean- while, it is sufficient to say that, augmented by this establish- ment, to which devout pilgrims were attracted from far and wide, the ecclesiastical society of Peebles, towards the end of the thirteenth century, must have been of a very imposing kind.

The attempt to compose a history, along with a general description of the county, has not been unat- tended with difficulties. PAGE MAP OF THE COUNTY, FROM ORDNANCE SURVEY, with corrections ..... In Peeblesshire, as in other counties, it cannot escape notice that the art of building must have arrived at a high degree of perfection between the reigns of David I. The hard and somewhat intractable whinstone dug from the hills in the upper region of the Tweed, admits of little elegance in architecture ; but we see that with this material, and lime brought from the borders of Mid-Lothian, castles and churches were reared of great strength and durability.


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