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She is cradling a very small baby provided by one of the many Vietnamese boat people in the Philippines who have been recruited to act as extras in a BBC drama being filmed in Manila.The drama, called Saigon Baby, could be about the illegitimate baby of one of thechildren at the Bahay Tuluyan.I doubt that tourists would bother checking; brothel-keepers lie.The same conditions that draw sex tourists to the Philippines draw child pornographers and pedophiles.The optimal ages for successful pregnancy are in the peak reproductive years.At either end of the reproductive spectrum, that is at the youngest (below 20) and the oldest (40 and above) ages, there is a higher risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.In fact, it is set in Bangkok and Saigon, but the authorities there were not prepared to allow the filming of a story dealing with the twin subjects of child prostitution and baby smuggling.The Philippines, where the fantasy world of the cinema mixes seamlessly with reality, is more open to film-makers; it is also, as it turns out, unwittingly hospitable to sex tourists and locals who use children, most in their early teens but some as young as six years old, for sexual purposes.

4(q) of this Rule shall have reached the age of eighteen (18) in which case, the regular rules on criminal procedure shall apply without prejudice to the rights granted under Secs. To attain this objective, the Rule seeks: (a) To provide child-appropriate proceedings, including programs and services for crime prevention, diversion, rehabilitation, re-integration and aftercare to ensure the normal growth and development of the child in conflict with the law; (b) To provide procedural rules dealing with children in conflict with the law that take into account their distinctcircumstances, assure all parties of a fair hearing with each party's constitutional and statutory rights recognized and respected, and ensure that appropriate disposition measures are implemented by law enforcers, social services and the courts; (c) To divert from the formal justice system children in conflict with the law who can be cared for or placed under community continuum alternative programs of treatment, training and rehabilitation in conformity with the principles of balanced and restorative justice; (d) To deal with the child in a family environment whenever possible, and to separate the child from the parents only when necessary for the child's welfare or in the interest of public safety; (e) To remove from children in conflict with the law the stigma of criminality and criminal behavior; (f) To promote, facilitate and implement in administrative and judicial proceedings respect for the views of the child; (g) To provide for the care, protection and wholesome moral, mental, and physical development of children in conflict with the law; and (h) To promote and protect the rights and interest of children as zones of peace in situations of armed conflict, but who are alleged to be in conflict with the law. Bail may be posted in a form such as corporate security, property bond or cash deposit.

Results from cumulative years of the National Demographic and Health Survey and the latest result of the 2011 Family Health Survey, shows that teenage pregnancy in the Philippines, measured as the proportion of women who have begun childbearing in their teen years, has been steadily rising over a 35-year period.

These teenage mothers are predominantly poor, reside in rural areas and have low educational attainment.

Most of these children have been working as prostitutes and have encountered Western males in rather different circumstances.

Some five minutes' drive from the centre, cameras are rolling as the actress Kerry Fox makes her way into a seedy hotel in the company of the actor John Hurt.


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