Selena gomaz dating

On Wednesday, she told fans she is struggling with lupus-related panic attacks and depression.

The illness affects five million people worldwide, according to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Yes, friends, we have a classic Hollywood love triangle: the pop star with 107 million Instagram followers; the R&B star with three No.

1 hits; and the supermodel with the supermodel sister.

Alright, so how does Selena Gomez fit into all of this? This week the pop star was photographed “hanging all over the Weeknd” (TMZ’s wording), as the two exited Giorgio Baldi, in Santa Monica. It would seem clear that is very much going on between them, however serious.

Are you going to make a “She can’t keep her hands to herself” joke here?

But judging by Google Trends, it seems many people are not aware of the disease and its implications.

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Justin's fans know that he is religious so this comes as no surprise to them.His social media accounts are constantly being dissected for possible hidden messages he could be sending to his ex and her current boyfriend The Weeknd.Though he has made comments about them on Instagram Live recently, a new selfie that he posted this week is a possible new addition to subliminal messages he is sending to the "Good For You" singer. This seems totally normal now, except that now with Instagram's newest feature that makes it easier to see the comments famous people write on photos, J-14 captured the comment Justin wrote on his own selfie. "Love is patient love is kind love does Not envy," Justin wrote.The question is why would he comment this in his own selfie?Could he not decide which caption to write between this and the line? “Selena was a real trooper through the whole delivery. She even sang songs to the nurses while delivering the baby.” Some sites are reporting that Selena’s mother actually had the baby.


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