Biology textbooks accomodating students with disabilities

This is a problem because these are just students as well, and oftentimes do not fully grasp what they are supposed to be teaching, and end up trying to overcompensate for this by pretending to be a Road Scholar, or something.

That is fine by me, but becomes a problem when you get one that is overly harsh in their grading of your work.

I realize that a strict teacher is not something that can really be complained about, in fact it might be a good thing, but it IS a concern when they start taking points off of your work for little things that you KNOW you did correctly because they don't even know what they are talking about.

Case in point, my current instructor is constantly riding me like Seabiscuit about my APA formatting, and references for projects, but she obviously has no clue about APA formatting herself, and seems to be just making it up as she goes along.

This broad sweep will also benefit all other students in your class.

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Our approximate breakdown of the percentages of people with strengths in each style is as follows: Mastery, 35 percent; Understanding, 18 percent; Self-Expressive, 12 percent; and Interpersonal, 35 percent (Silver and Strong 1997).This Lesson Plan Checklist for The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) offers a general roadmap for that process.Once you get started, survey your target content to: Once you have identifed your target objectives, concepts, and vocabulary, consider the following elements of your lesson plan.The differences appear to be greatest among the YOUNGEST children.If you visit an all-girls kindergarten and then an all-boys kindergarten, you will be struck by how differently the children learn.I KNOW APA format like the back of my hand, but she finds something wrong in almost every sentence of every paragraph of my papers.


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